I need help making a surprise map for my teachers what should I add

I need help with a a map for my teachers and this is all I got:

hey @LandenGod32 please remove the j0in code you can be banned for it

but what are you trying to make i can’t tell ill need an explantion

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anything that will make them happy

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well its not what will make them happy its what will keep you safe from being banned on your first day https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq read this if you havent

What do your teachers like?
(Make sure to remove J0in code or leave game so it becomes invalid)

I did I just changed it

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I don’t know what they like

i don’t see the change, did you marked it out, also its not about please the mods its about helping people or getting help you curently need help so what is your map problem?

it is a different code ok

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Well, what you could do is first, ask your teachers what they like; as in Hobbies…etc.
Then, you could make the map have different sections for each of the teachers you want to be in it, like a hall of fame but for teachers, each including things they like. Add a happy message thanking them or whatever you want, But I think it’ll make them happy that you took time out of your day to make something for them.

you could also make the room they spawn in a classroom


First of all, @Lostsea3, you don’t say things that aren’t true:

  • You will NOT be banned for having j0in codes. They aren’t suggested because people may enter your maps and do things they aren’t supposed to do, like mess up your map.
  • Marking out or crossing out j0in codes are fine.
  • Making maps for teachers are just fine, but they don’t have to be published.

To answer your question:

  • Include their names, if you can. (Mr. or Mrs. (name), but don’t publish it if you plan on including them; it is personal information.
  • Building off of @C-C, include little minigames that are based off what they like, if possible, such as basketball or a little soccer.
  • If possible, make it educational in some way, as they are teachers.
  • Decorate their map matching their personalities; make sure not to get too personal or offensive!

Have fun doing this. :partying_face:


im sorry @California_Love i thought you would be banned if you do share a code

@LandenGod32 effects:

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I need help making a door that opens and closes with buttons

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I also need help making people faster in creative

ah hello @Nathan1 and welcome to the city of chaos the fourms, i hope you find your time here enjoyable

also you need to make a new topic rather than here

you can make it by clicking the top right in the help tab and writing down a shortish title and writing your problem down with pictures if you can but make sure to not show and j0in codes