I need help making a pinball map

i need ideas for my pinball map

I’m guessing you use the new blastball, so have a varity of balls.

yes using the bastball. so far i have flippers

The things the ball bounces off of that gives you like 10 score.

ok how do i make the launcher that launches the ball at the start

A sentry that shoots the ball.

ok what about the score things/bumbres

Score: ball score zones
Bumpers: The ball can just bounce off it.

ok what about the flippers

Animated barriers with sentry that shoots.

i used a poll like this for the flippers
Screenshot 2024-02-03 143748
when you push the button one of the pole shows the other one hides
whould this work too

Goog, use more poles though.

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make a pinball sign that flashes on and off(don’t know how you do it).

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You could use prop annimation for it to flash by the way.

how would you score but the ball does not dissaper

Turn off respawn for the ball.

no i don’t think so correct me if i am wrong

You can:
Screenshot 2024-02-03 134516

oh ok thanks @Captain-Gim

i need more ideas on what to add