I need help making a manhunt game

Please tell me how to make it so when a certain player dies the game ends

put a knockout manager. And an end game widget. When player knocked out, end game.

mark it solution pls.

No because it doesn’t work

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Please don’t ask people to mark your post as the solution, instead, you could try something like: “Please mark a solution if/when you found one!”.

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They get lazy and stop searching, or they want their answers to be direct, instead of reading, they want you to explain it to them.

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Have you people seen manhunt videos(if not,watch right now)

Is anyone gonna respond.

This is an advertisement.

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No it’s not and also:
murder mystery 0
wire repeater settings.
in this example, team 3 is the hunters. replace team 3 with whatever team the hunters are on.

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