I need help getting a thumbnail

My game is a murder mystery game with characters from the book divergent (I love that book). I haven’t finished the game yet but I want a thumbnail for it.

you could do like basically a gimkit among us thumbnail I think?

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and change it a little

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What do you mean? How would I do that? I don’t have photoshop or anything

Try photopea.com, kleki.com, or express.adobe.com

Use a drawing app or smth.

I’m not really familiar with the new publishing thing but you could take a screenshot or something

Pixlr X is free and very good for photo editing in-browser! It’s also allowed in most schools.
The site is here

I did something really similar to this before!
my work:

  1. You could ask for help on another page, make it yourself like other suggested, or maybe use a copy + paste pixlr idea to make your thumbnail
  2. Divergent’s a great book

Edit: You might wanna mark a solution, @HP7divergent46THG12

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