I need help from you guys

@Gimkit101 I need your help and anyone else is allowed to help,
How would i make a thing to where you run away, but you also have little ways you can go and know you cant be tagged?

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So, firstly you can run away, but if there is someone is going to be using a secret place then use a zone to make a game overlay to show as text and say that you cannot be tagged but out of the zone can be tagged. This might not be what you want, but is this a little bit helpful?

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Your request confuses me.

@ModerateCape86 Is this a good idea or no?

Yes, like @Princess2216 said use zones

Can u explain, @LEPRECON2024?

Yep. I just saw it again.

I was needing help with making secret passages for the tagger where they can hide, but they only get 10 seconds(i know how to do the timer)

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Ohhhhh, okay! Well, like Capture the Flag, maybe use some terrain with walls and try to make it look like a nice hiding spot without like making it too long since the player only has 10 seconds to hide without being tagged.

OK. Maybe add a zone that once you enter starts a 10-second timer that then respawns you or gives you a penalty. Does that work?

My school just gave me Chick-Fil-A LOL.

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Do you mind j0ining my game so i can show you… i sent you the code.

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