I need help for my map

i want it to were you die from a sentry a popup opens saying if you want to atemp your fate or continue

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Use a knockout manager and wire it to a pop-up.

Place a LifeCycle or Knockout Manager (Player Knocked Out, Manage Player)

Connect that to a popup.

Event Occurs > Open Popup

Make two call-to-actions in the popup.

1: Accept your fate

2: Continue

Wire the first call-to-action to end the game

Call-To-Action Clicked > End Game

Note: If your game has a system where you can shoot other people, this could interfere with game mechanics.

You don’t need to wire the first call-to-action to anything because call-to-actions automatically close the popup allowing you to continue your game.

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THANK YOUUUUUU!!! I honestley thought that it wasent possible so thanks!

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shouldn’t the solution go to haiasi, since he answered the question?


oh i didint know that

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its fine!

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