I need help for making a game where there is a arcade with a button where if you press it,you teleport into the game

I also need it to be on mobile

Make a wire:
Button pressed>teleport player here

One could also use channels I suppose…
When button pressed send on channel ToGame1
When receiving from channel ToGame1 teleport player here.
(Better for long-distance)
Also remember to mark a solution if either of these solve your problem.

@1231 Put an invisible button right in front of the arcade machine. (you can make it say: play [game]) then wire it to a teleport that is next to the arcade machine, make it invisible and also put it’s group and target to [game 1]. Wire the button to the teleporter, button pressed - teleport to target.
Then, make an area where you want the actual game to be, then place a teleporter wherever you want the player to spawn. Next, put the teleporter group and target group to [game 1].
That should work. :slight_smile: