I need help customizing my cafe

also I already have tables just on the other side [for those who think I don’t have tables]

You could have it so the coffee machine gives speed boost for a few seconds.

also. hello LS3 :wave:t4:

You can make walls using terrain/props, then put a barrier as the canvas. Then you can make abstract art with the barriers. Also, you can bypass the character minimum by using <>.

and then a slow down after that for a couple seconds (because you crash after being that active)

hi Bloodwolf

You can put tables with sentry’s at them

That’s already been suggested.

okay, i know i say this all the time but,

add a carpet!

it will fill up lots of empty space, and if you’d like, you could also add a cool design on it.
here’s an example of a carpet i made with barriers:


could you put crates to act like packaging for the new cafe opening? (sorry I haven’t responded in a while)


Oops…hehehee :joy: :expressionless: maybe a vending machine?


You could have windows. I have seen a few window guides for top down before.

Epic cafe…

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maybe some flower pots on the tables as well, and if possible a white cloth (fancy stuff)

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A white barrier, no border, on the above layer and no collision would work.

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