I need help creating a map

im out of ideas for a map im creating so anyone want to collab? dont exactly know how to anyways is it just like share a code on this website or something else? my map is basically half-baked its got a upgrade system a sprint system and a couple easter eggs that i need to increase the difficulty of my phone got taken away and im 16 so i cant call or text message anyone…


You can’t share codes on this website, this one is for help with creative. You can share codes on the discord, though.

What is the map about, or what is the objective

Because I might be down to do a collab

Welcome to the community @Blackfox45666! And what is the theme or main idea that you want your map to be about?

its kind of like batim the goal is to find your friend who is either lost or dead within a underground facility with lots of lore and game mechanics

My game im working on is a cod zombies type game, so i could add an underground facility easter egg

nice that sounds awesome tho my map is pretty big with multiple levels so im not to sure it would fit with your map or idk i could help you come up with lore im a decent writer

Would adding an easter egg where you find 3 levers, and after you pull them, it makes a new area available, If I make a gim outline, I could add it and make it like a crime scene!

sure! sounds awesome tho maybe making one lever activate another and so on and so forth would make it tougher and having a specific item to activate that one lever

I will make a gim outline next, out of metal poles

Ok try ti make the spawn out side of the facility on a waste land and make a teleporter that will lead you to the underground facility. Then make a facility that is high tec with metal and spaceship materials. let me know if this helps and if you want more info.

Ok, what items should activate the 3 levers, my zombie map is in an airport

that dosent sound bad but so far i already created the beginning where your friend tells you to meet at an abandoned studio and it leads to and underground facility so yeah as i said sort a’ like batim

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do you have infinite ammo enabled cuz we could use shards to make the item to activate the levers cooler

Each level should be different, like a city, airport, and then a shopping center. Just some ideas.

and different weapon types the farther you progress.

No, though, I could use keycards

My next map will be a city, after the bad ending, the canon ending is opening the gates to the city, which is the bad ending, the good ending is escaping by airplane and keeping the zombies in.

yeah! that could work just fine :slight_smile: