I need help! (Continued )

So I took @Cellofive advice and it should work. I’m pretty SURE the block code works. If anyone could confirm it works, please tell me.

This is suppose to be for a king of the hill/domination game. I’m trying to check it if that if 2 teams are in the hill at the same time, no one gets points. I added a notification to help confirm it works. But it won’t show any notification. I even added a relay to confirm.

Here is the code to help confirm. At the end its just "+ Check blue = 3
for the ones going off screen.

What do you play on?

Chromebook. Why?


I think the coding is different depending on what you play on.

No, it’s just the looks im pretty sure. Nothing actually changes.

Block code is always the same regardless of platform.


How would you get on that?

Like the block code page?

If so, its in some devices. They have a special block code thing.

I’m using the trigger, probably the most well known device with the code device block thingy

I am still getting used to the updates on Gimkit. Sorry :confused:

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It’s alright. Pretty sure this is pretty recent, but I just need someone to help confirm if my code is correct. Because I’m 99% sure I’m correct, but for some reason it won’t work!

I’ve used notifications to confirm, so now I’m just waiting for one of the regulars or more knowledgeable people to help confirm my code!

Can you supply the portion of the picture that was cut off?

I said it in the explaination. What’s in the guide is Check Blue. It’s to check blue teams property, and then at the end is =3. Just like you said. If in there, red is 1. If blue in there, it becomes 2.

I added them up and if it equals 3 it should give a channel to a notification to help confirm, but no luck.

Well. I think I’m just gonna review the code. If nothing works, then oh well. I’ll do it tomorrow or be on here.

I’ve just realized I put my properties on true/false… That’s why it wouldn’t work.

But now I need to find out, how can I turn my property from false to true in block code?

Nah. I don’t need it. Numbers should be ok

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