I need help because I can't see my map in discovery

I have tried everything, I have waited, looked it up on a different account, EVERYTHING

Well then, i guess it got reported. What was it?

try refreshing


Already have refreshed it multiple times

It could’ve gotten reported, but usually gimkit tells you if it gets reported.

I’m pretty sure at least.

No my map is literally just bedwars

maybe its getting delayed for some reason? maybe the servers

Hmm, idk then, someone random may have been a little cray cray and reported your map for no reason.

Actually nvm I don’t think that is possible.

It has been up since the discovery thing came out literally like 5 minutes after it came out

maps sometimes get reported for dumb reasons or no reason at all. it has happened to me before

Oh, so I guess I was right about that.

wait maybe they did not see the map in moderation

just repost it. if that doesn’t work then maybe contact someone

like unpublish then re-publish?


already tried like yesterday morning

Ok your map was reported, because it broke some violation on the agreement of publishment, there is now way to know who reported it, or why, but you can either republish it, and make sure it does not break the rules and/or email support on why it was taken down. Here is the agreement plan.