I need help balalskal,

Gimme your codes please im bored

why haven’t blizzy or gimsolver come to shut you down yet :skull:

I have no idea but GIMME YOUR CODE

@Blizzy @GimSolver take this down

I was afk, also, only leaders can close stuff.

how do i private message people because i want to ask a mod what pics i can post here

But thank you @some_kid, @some_kid, you can’t put codes here, please delete that post and @Jacob, please mark a solution as codes aren’t allowed here. If you wanna share codes or you want codes, go to the wix.

plz anwser me

Just no pics in general. Also, PM’s are banned in the Gimkit Forums.

awwwww thats annoying

You can PM the mods here, but I suggest not.

Mark a solution NOW!!! No codes are allowed here!!!

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