I need help and opinions I guess

I ran out of storage in my gimkit creative but I AM NOT using 5 dollars even if I wanted to I couldn’t…and I have a good idea for a new map but I dont know what game to delete

It really just depends, are they all published?

none of them are published but two of them I’m trying to get published right now

Well, I would just wait and see which of them get the best plays, and delete the one with the least, that’s what I did.
not trying to brag, but Cookie GimClicker has almost 10000 plays

Ah, I ran into this same issue before my season ticket. Unfortunately, this can be seen as off topic for the forums. My honest opinion? Delete the one you spent the less time on. But please close this topic, so you wont be flagged :frowning:.

Wow one of them is my first map “Space Protectors” the other one is called “Crazy Mazes” and the 3rd one is pretty cool even though learning and games don’t mix well it’s a Canada map I did for a class assignment and it has all the places in Canada so…idk

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This is not off topic this is a gimkit creative forum

i mean if it i was allowed i would just have someone play my maps and tell me what they think…

This forum is for making and helping with maps, not this problem. Sorry if it was rude :frowning:

This is helping with a map

Based on the instructions is this a good game to play?

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