I need help, again!

Make sure to test it to make sure it works!

K. Thank you so much again!

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If you finish the game, would you mind making a guide? I could really use the same concepts for another game idea.

This might be it! Let me scroll down more though.

Nevermind…I still haven’t found a really good one yet that is super unique so, bump bump bump!

@LandynSPEEDO802 @mysz I think I already did that

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Then I’ll do a “Base Upgrade Regen” thing.

bump bump bump BUMP (bump)

Um just an fyi you don’t bump a post until it is at least 3 days old.

I need an idea! I’m so bored :sob:

Make a full rowlet evolution out of things in Creative!

yeah that or the entire regon of were rowlet is mainly found in.

BAM! Alola here I come!
I could get used to this heat on my skin
I can feel every day, I’m a little bit stronger
I only wish each day was longer

Yeah! We’re having fun in the sun (the Alolan sun)
Week after week
It’s just like we’re on vacation

Yeah! Now our journey’s begun,
Friends 'til the end
Number one’s our destination

Under the Alolan sun

Uh, that’s kind of off-topic…

It was part of my thank you, please don’t flag. :pray:

yeah, great observation.

I wasn’t planning on doing that, i have flagged like 10 post on my enite time on the forum, so i don’t flag much.

I’ve flagged once, gotten flagged 14 or 13, i forgot.

I’ve gotten flagged 3-5 times. Now I suggest we stop replying here, as there is already a solution.

my gosh, thats a lot, and yes i agree with Wingwave.