I need help again!

My teams don’t work properly. I have the settings like this⬇️

But when two people j0in they are on the same team like this⬇️

Help pls. Thanks.

Are you trying to make a 1 vs all game?
I don’t see anything wrong with it. Try checking if your map options setting saved.

That’s happened to me too. How many players are going to end up playing?

10 players will play the game

I want to have two teams and I have done this on other maps and that works but this map won’t work for some reason.

Maybe check how many teams you have in the “Teams” tab in map options, and shouldn’t this be a “Help” post?

It is two teams but everyone is still on team 1

Oh… Then, do you have a team switcher anywhere, or anything that possibly makes a player swap teams?

You don’t need to apologize. You’re fine if you put in questions. That is what this forum was made for.

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