I need game ideas!

specifically for platformer. im stumped and can’t come up with an original game.

EZ do a street fighterz game PLZ

Ideas? Platformer?

The floor is lava
This would be where the hose spawns at the middle-top portion of the map, and the players start at the bottom. They are all separate teams, but Alliances can be made. The first person rolls a “dice,” and the rest follow in order, looping. The amount on the dice shows how much to get to ascend, and there are tasks, traps, and treasures in random spots where you may land. The first to get to the top wins! Use gadgets to knock people off, use questions to buy basic gadgets and ammo, use crafting tables/recipes to upgrade (ex. 1 common + 1 common = uncommon), the higher you are, the better loot! If you touch the lava, slowly rising on a timer, you are “knocked out.”

fishing platformer?
that might be fun…

wanna know something funny? that was my first kind of original idea, but its going to take a while so i wanted to see if i could come up with anything else


king of the hill type of game

Tell us the name of the game after you decide what the game is.

will do. im thinking about making it a sequel to my first game, but im not sure yet.

try make a version of the very first Mario game with Donkey Kong

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okay, ive decided that its going to be a mining/fishing game. sneak peek of the cave entrance.

the reason i say mining/fishing is because im thinking about like underwater lagoons that you fish for minerals at.


its going to be called “Crash Landing” (unless if i come up with something better) because you crash on an uncharted planet and need to make money to buy parts to fix your ship and escape.

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That’s a great idea! Good luck with your game

thanks! if i can, ill put progress and stuff here (i dont remember if im allowed to or not)

Not sure what you mean by progress but you can mark it solution and that can end the thing. It means like the question or thingy has been resolved and it finished. its the tick box with the writing solution.

just do a platformer pvp and par core with teams and disappearing plat forms with upgrades

hi @UglySonic47: faithneedsplayers here. The one you rejected for the gimkit! I think you should try a deep cave with an entrance and a button saying take me back to the main land to fish!

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