I need better thumbnail for anyone is willing help

Redone @wait.what.626Youtube

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@Kingdog1 i’m not sure i can help

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That is alright @guy_the_person

I appreciate your reply tho @guy_the_person

yous sure? you did the background pretty good I would just say to fix the gims and give them gadgets

im not good at thumbnails but for the gims you can you use this.

i agree :saluting_face:

you got it

Can I try to make one?

I could just replicate the background exactly so that we don’t have to change that, and I can make hand drawn gims/gadgets.

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Yea pls do and send it to me when done

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true very very true.

I finished

how’s this?


I LOVE THAT THANKS EXCEPT do you think you could change kingdog1 to rapperboi i dont use kingdog1 no more

alr one moment

here ya go!

I’ll do it for you but I need sleep lmaoooo I’ll do it tomorrow kk??

Thanks @VoidFluffy i really appreciate you man you a legend
And @Fruity-Gim good luck beating @VoidFluffy

  1. I’m a girl… idk if you knew that but yeah
  2. thanks

Oh sorry i didnt know my bad :disappointed:

Sleep? No thanks!!!

are you going to make a poll?