I need better thumbnail for anyone is willing help

Can someone make this better id really appreciate it

why do people now need better ones? we already spend hours making the original


This only took me a couple of minutes
But i dont understand all the websites to make it better so i need someone who could help

i’m working on another one but once i’m done i’ll help

The backround is good, I reccommend you don’t change that. Just, the gims.

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the gims are very… blocky… try to change that…

Thank you @guy_the_person or helping
@gimmaster12345 thats the best way i could get them
@chrysostom if there is a way you know how to change the shape of them that would help same to @gimmaster12345

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if you were the one who made this thumbnail, then try drawing or editing the gims to have the normal shape

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I got you!!! I got you!!! I am pretty good at thumbnails.

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do you still want the same background, or do you want the whole thing to be redone?

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Redone @wait.what.626Youtube

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@Kingdog1 i’m not sure i can help

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That is alright @guy_the_person

I appreciate your reply tho @guy_the_person

yous sure? you did the background pretty good I would just say to fix the gims and give them gadgets

im not good at thumbnails but for the gims you can you use this.

i agree :saluting_face:

you got it

Can I try to make one?

I could just replicate the background exactly so that we don’t have to change that, and I can make hand drawn gims/gadgets.

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Yea pls do and send it to me when done

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