I need assitance as soon as possible

I am making a cookie clicker map with a few people and when you go to an area to claim it, it changes the uncliamed text to your name, so i need to make it to where you cannot claim more than one space at a time, even if it is unlcaimed…
without forcing the player to stay in the area they cliamed with a barrier.

True false properties
When capture territory
Set example to true and put triggers you can activate and deactivate according to if the property “example”=true deactivate trigger

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Im not going to lie to you, I dont understand a word you just said, let me send the link of this post to my friend and see if they do, Im not good with devices.
But Thank You!

does this help?

To create the desired function, you need to wire the zone to the trigger and the trigger to the zone. This will ensure that when the trigger is activated, the zone will be deactivated. Additionally, you need to set up a property that increases by one when a player enters. Finally, use block code to display a message that says “triggering player” when the property value is equal to 1.

not really, i already did that, I dont want the people to be able to “claim” another plot even if there are spaces available.

hmmm… i try to see what i can do

Thank you for trying to help, my friend is working on it right now…

No problem! In the forums, I am trying to help others instead of seeking help, I hope To be like some of the regulars here!

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i am going to try to create a small system to fix the problem you are having

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Thank you, Small and Simple helps me.
Im slow… mentally.
not meant offensively

no worries! I love helping others!

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dang, im stuck… i got the whole zone idea complete (the one I stated above) but I can figure out how to fix that.

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im going to be working for now, hopefully in the work ill fix it…

(can you reply after every three replies @LEPRECON2024 so I can talk? I cant have more than 3 consecutive replies)

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Yes, I am able to do that.

thanks, and i kinda have an idea, but I haven’t tested it yet…

sorry, i have school, so when i have time ill get to it

Ok, im in school to so i know the trouble.

i have an idea tho! but first, should we talk on padlet or something? (just in case this gets off topic)

just tell me the name of the website…

one sec, i need to create it