I need art for my game

I want art showing echo and vortex working together on the alphastar on a extremely dangerous mission. thumbnail art. this is my first post

I’m, so sorry. I can’t help. Today is my last day of school! :<

Elllo. Can you gib more details

Any ways, @LimeyLemon I could see if my friends could help but its not garenteed

Yea he my brother me staring at the group chat without knowing you guys knowing me still waiting to get approved lol

@LimeyLemon I can try to make you some art as well
@Addisyn DOnt even think about it


OH, my bad, Let me see if anyone can get on there and let you in, also click my link in my bio and you can go on our newest one, its just a fan made one

This is off-topic,
also @Deku is now banned until July 1st.

Ik so ima wait until this topic closes or something

How did 2 people get banned in this topic

no idea but if you can just submit art instead of talking that would be great

(post deleted by author)

Why is @Deku banned until July 1st?

His profile says “too combative”

She was always off-topic and would always chat/argue with Addison.

Speaking of off-topic, please get back on topic and help this guy.

wait what is he if so why?

Hey, just saying, if you can’t make or do something, there is no need to decline unless you were specifically asked to make one. Happy (belated) last day of school, though! Still have 2 1/2 more weeks for me…

She is suspended untill October for being off-topic all the time.

Haha, I do this all the time…
Sorry :slight_smile:

I need help and this is not a chatroom. I might close this topic if 5 more non art related replies are written

I can make one by the weekend if that’s ok. Do you prefer hand drawn or photoshop thumbnails