I need and idea/help with a map

So, I need a idea for my map. I currently have a somewhat small map, maybe it could take less than 30 seconds of walking to get to side to side, but I want that for the CHAOS of it,

I’m making it so I can play with friends while having a school kit on at the same time, so its educational, but I need some ideas.

It’s based on building to survive evil gims. One person spawns as a “Evil Gim” then goes around the map attacking the “Survivors.” No time limit, just build to survive, and survive, survive, and survive!

So I need ideas for it. I got a pop up shop in progress, chat system, ideas for item generators, and airdrops.
The only help I need is how to make it so you can constantly keep rebuilding, and on airdrop, how to make it drop the items on the ground when they open it.

Yeah, that’s it. Just needed Ideas for a build to survive map.

The Evil Gim could destroy stuff, wildfires could spawn. Try adding farming that takes forever


Already got the evil Gim thing, I don’t know about wild fires, but maybe I can do traps can be set off from survivors, and I don’t know what farming could do. Maybe it can become research instead? but thanks for the ideas! I will take your things, maybe remix them, and take them into consideration.

You should add a PORTABLE weapon shop.

Yeah, I got it. I’m working on it. its just so much I have to do with it lol.

Mark a solution if there is one.

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