I need an idea, literally anything, also POi names, please. I want a map taking place in the 1600's

If you want, I really need ideas, I have a road block and I will credit you in the map if I like your idea. :melting_face:

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Thank you, I also need to know how to make interactable NPC’s and more names for them. (The map takes place in like, the 1600’s)


Thanks! (I will credit both of you, and all the people in those other topics)

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Jamestown!!! or Plymouth or salem Massachusett!! OR FRANCE OR GREAT BRITAIN OR RUSSIA OR ANYTHING!!! I WANT TO SEE THIS MAP

How to: Turn Sentry into Gim | Difficulty 0/10

You could use this to give the sentries more life to them In the game instead of being robots in literally 1600

And you could have musket battles

Bro, stop advertising your map.

I am not I am saying it when the time is needed

but so your saying My guide cant help others? and I cant say that when its needed?


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