I need an escape room thumbnail

Could you make a dark room with a lot of escape-roomy stuff? Is that even a word? I also want any Gim skin in the front.

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Can I get some more context? (This will be my first thumbnail attempt so any feedback would be appreciated)

Okay. Here’s a list:

  • Any Gim in the very front make sure it looks worried

  • A dark grey background

  • Green title. (The title is “Escape these Rooms”)

  • Any small details you want! (Make sure it is related to escape rooms)

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OK! This will probably take me awhile tho!

No worries, take your time!

Interesting. Now face the power of my brilliant magical spe-
Oh wait i need time to make a thumbnail lmaoo

Lol! Thanks for helping me out!

:sparkles: magic :sparkles:



Whoa! Cool! I will consider that! Anyone whose thumbnail gets chosen will have their forum name in the description!

Also, how do you open polls?

no clue haha
I think you press the settings during a post and press build poll

  • Cool
  • Oh ok
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Oh my! you are a really talented artist!