I need a way to protect against guarding

I made a map where your goal is to escape to a boat, but the team 2 is always guarding the exit. Is there any way to prevent this? I have tried barriers, but it doesn’t work.

Can you give a screenshot of the map?

maybe make it so that after a certain amount time, the exit area has a zone that damages team 2?

It’s a keep away map
They have to run onto the deck with the ticket to escape

that could work, but I don’t want the team 2 to respawn

maybe have a timer that counts down when they’re in the zone that’ll teleport them to a diff part of the map?

Team 1 or Team 2?


Right now I have it so once you escape, it puts you in spectator

the zone will teleport team 2 farther from the dock so they have to walk back

what if they get back before the escaper?

I’m not sure. i’m not great at coming up w game mechanics. maybe look online or ask chatgpt for ideas.

how about seteries which attack the people who you don’t want guarding?

Make a barrier in the area around the exit, wire a relay from a lifecycle with default settings. Make the relay to all players on team 2. Make it activate the barrier, make the barrier invisible and make it team scoped.

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You could give each team a weapon, And when you have the ticket you lose the weapon.

maybe a flag they. have zones where the protecting team can not enter. make the protecting team team 2. but then there is a flag that might confuse people.

There is a guide for this!