I need a thumbnnail for my game that I just made please :)

Please Someone make a thumbnail for my new game
(Five Nights at Gim’s)
This is the current thumb nail it is really bad ngl

what’s the game about?

Its FNAF but in Gimkit (I have seen EVERY SINGLE FNAF FAN GAME in gimkit this one is the best trust me…) oh and btw its FNAG 1&2 (in the same game)

you already sended this before and now you just spamming sending duplicate guide of the same thing you said before.

I let you slide and get your thumbnail but after that no more or I flagging for spamming.

I can make your thumbnail do you want me to

I just made one incase i cant later if you can i need name you want on it

That reminds me of those meme images with backgrounds found on the internet with characters added to it.

Oh ya but not really anyway to make good thing for a fnaf thumbnail yk

Ok i did the name here

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ive ights at im’s

who’s im

you you, im im.

I’m looking for more of a handrawn approach…

the f, n, g is so faded out lol

I know right I thought they forgot :sob:

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I struggled with brown letters they dnt work wel yk

Here i jsut redidit

Did I hear HANDRAWN?!

awesomeness incoming

AAA they’re suspended for “Inappropriate behavior, yelling at others, likely under 13, no constructive purpose, rule breaking,” so they can’t even get it, or at least don’t deserve it I think. Might not wanna make this thumbnail.

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I know a kid under 13 when I see it, lol. He always broke the rules and definitely didn’t read the TOS and FAQ.