I need a thumbnail... Surprisingly ( Forget the poll )

As you know I published my four seasons map with the thumbnail… Does not look good… I’m being completely honest…

for real I am not getting any gameplay with such a thumbnail… Can anyone like… Make me one, please? Thank you that would be so nice!

I’ll try give me about 10 mins

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I can try… but I am doing one for caternaught as of right now…

Same design but a lil more pop and quality do you like this


Yoo that looks real cool I love it! :smiley:

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is there a due date? Would you like it hand-drawn or photoshopped? If there isn’t a due date then I will get to it soon but same as chrysostom I am working on another thumbnail

Thanks i tried my best

@Kosm0-o there is a deadline and I might as well make a poll by Friday
@Chuck72 I loved the one you made! So cool!

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I will try to make it in time! Also nice thumbnail chuck!

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Here is a side by side to see the improvements I made hope it helps your game and gets more plays

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If you find one better than mine it’s ok no hard feelings you don’t have to use mine👍

watermark is crazy


lol didn’t see that. at least it is not very visible

Screenshot 2024-04-16 11.12.17 PM

thanks for the heartwarming spirit! blows nose :+1:

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My bad didn’t realize that

They always hide it :rofl:

I checked out the game last week and it’s pretty good ngl. I have had this experience too :cry: I published my first game after many months js to find out it got 78 plays and stopped

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I love the rock in the middle!! :rock: :smiley:

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I guess now everyone’s interested in platformer maps instead

Thanks thought it would go well with the pillars and suit the “seosons”

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