I need a thumbnail pls!

I need a thumbnail for my battle map called agent Adventure. it is already published but I need a cool thumbnail.

I want …
gims: Echo and vortex agents
setting- dark on one side, light on other
weapons- idc but make the agents have different weapons










Help Her!

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Someone summoned before I did LOL.

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I can make a thumbnail if you’d like.
I’ve never really made one for someone else before…
I’m sure I could do it.

:smiling_face: Is there anything you’d like besides what you’ve requested?
I’d be happy to help! (Not the best thumbnail maker, though…)

Also, @Car189 you shouldn’t ping everyone at once.
:expressionless: Not everyone is active right now. When they’re active, they’ll see this post…



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ill do one too!

Are there any certain details you want?
What’s the environment? Are there any certain things you want?
Or just a half dark, half light side with gims with weapons?

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I don’t need a thumbnail, @HP7divergent46THG12 Dose.

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Alright, I’m done.



I can do one as well it just might look more of like a cartoon/sketch since that is my style

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thx everyone Ican do a poll if there are multiple thumbnails. I’m in class rn so I may not immediately respond…

I’m sure it will be great!
Yes, a poll is an amazing idea. :bar_chart:


@California_Love you can help them with a thumbnail but not me?

Uh, yeah, I am…?

thats a interesting profile picture


Ehhh not too sure, my style is REALLY different~


is it okay if i make it photoshopped? i don;t have time for hand drawn rn

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This okay? I was on a time crunch so its not my best work…


Seems good but I think they said like Vortex and Echo going against each other?