I need a thumbnail for my new game

The maps name is goon island (still working on it but if i change it i’ll let yall know) and the map is basically some bad guy who takes over the island your on and your job is to beat him by taking out his goons (some npc’s and others being bosses) the bosses will drop items that you need to craft the key to the bad guys castle (the only things missing are really a thumbnail and the name of the bad guy) also not released yet

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any gims in particular you want in the thumbnail?

i’d probably want the ozi, i think thats what its called um also the detective gim, other than that feel free to put whichever ones you want and i’ll tell you if i like it or not

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what should the thumbnail look like. could you maybe sketch what you want it to look like

umm will a description work? i suck at drawing

Here is my rough draft. oops, had cursor on an enemy lol.

Sure…!!! thanks so much

lol andd it looks good so far its just the ozi was meant to be the bad guy and his goons could’ve been the plants

The name of it is bad guy btw

here’s the fixed thumbnail:

for that like a name name like a bad guy name not just bad guy.

i like it but you dont play as the detective (sry if i didnt specify that) but i would probably want like a vortex or echo agent for the person with the detective

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also if I create a thumbnail can it be hand drawn
here is some of my past hand drawn thumbnails

Here we go:
How is it?

i like it i wanna see what the other guy has but yea i like it i might use it (btw for the other guy it can be hand drawn)

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what’s the name of the bad guy?

thats the thing idk yet i still need that

Maybe do something ominous, like “the Taker.”

ooooh i kinda like that think i might use it also what do you use to make the thumbnails

I use google slides. It’s the only thing I can use on my computer.