I Need A Thumbnail For My New Game (Details Below)

  1. Title: Peculiar Palace: A Perplexing Puzzle
  2. Setting: A Castle (Outside)
  3. Summary: Escape A Strange/Old Castle… And Your Dream. Unravel The Mysteries Of The Peculiar Palace While In Hot Pursuit By Two Mysterious Agents.
  4. BG & Gims (+Actions) Night time - Gray Flux Gim Running Out With Terrified Look (Faded Stache Gim With Angry Look Behind Him)
  5. Creator: TechnoTyper

Does this help @TechnoTyper ?

thank you for your help! I will wait for more thumbnail offers before I choose anything.

How bout this one? (This is my first thumbnail ever)


That’s actually really good for a first thumbnail!

@TechnoTyper I would willing to make a thumbnail. It would be Handdrawn. Is that okay?
Also, when did this Art section even come? I’m not online during weekends or days without school.

About a week (and a half?) ago. Jeff created the new category so people would have a way to post their GKC art without people complaining that it’s filling [category] with junk, since that wad a problem when people posted their art/thumbnail requests in Help and Community Made Guides.

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It also feels like it brought in a bunch of people because they can now make thumbnail-requests. (In a good way)

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Yeah. The Help tag had way too many art requests before. @BananaBunny made a padlet for requests, but at least we have this now

I’m just talking about that it brought in a bunch of users in general.

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thank you guys for helping out!

I will wait for at least 5 thumbnails and I will put the creator of my favorite one in Credits in my game.

Also, I really like detailed and gimkit-styled kleki thumbnails like this one:
If anyone is good at making these I would really appreciate if you make one for my game.

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I’ll make one soon.
(can do photoshop and hand-drawn)

thank you! I Appreciate it!

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BTW, when I said I like “Gimkit-styled” I also meant like everything to be one style (i.e. I Don’t like graphics and photos together or anime and kleki art etc.)

@VoidFluffy is a very good thumbnail artist for that

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oh yeah, @VoidFluffy if you’re out there, I just wanted to say I really like your art

I can do it

the commisions…


I’m fine lmao

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Aww thank you!