I need a thumbnail for my map!

This is my gimkit map I can tell you what it is for my map

My map is where you pick a role each role has different powers then you pvp ther are speed tank Asasian teleport sneaky damage human and archer roles there are two maps open field a ctf and pvp map and the bunker a closed in pvp map.
This can help to know what it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would you like it handrawn or made by like online like Photoshop?

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Any would work do what you want

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Okay :slight_smile:
I will try since I am not so good at thumbnails and really haven’t made any thumbnails for like people on the Gimkit Community Forums.


How do you do the link next to the help button?

Anyways, i’m also not good at thumbnails, so i’ll call some artists.

@M1dnight @I_Like_Props @Claire_B @THEHACKER120 @Random_dude123


Same thinking! I think #gimkit.com

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Um, it links to their game. (is that considered advertising?)

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No, it doesn’t it links to just gimkit.com

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Yay! I’ll help!

sorry for the late reply

weird, it linked to his game for me.

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Nvm, it did, but i was signed out.

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I can do it!

It might take a while until it’s done.

Work I've done

I can begin to work on the thumbnail, but the wifi in my house at India is super slow, so I may not be able to get a good thumbnail out until I return home on the 15h. Til then, I will try to begin work.

I also would like more information, like the name of the game, examples of the powers, and some gims you would like to use. I also like to get a good idea of what the creator wants, so a simple layout sketch made in sketch.io would be nice.

this was the best layout I could do the roles are speed asasian it won’t let me spell correctly tank teleported archer sneaky damage human hacker warden.

The name is pick a role

Echo and vortex agent and any other gums are fine

im sorry about a wait, but ill be leaving India and have to get packed. my internets spotty, so it would be hard to make thumbnails. if u could give me ur email, I could send the finished results from my home pc

@Letsdodose Made My Thumbnail Let me know if I need to change anything

Screenshot 2024-04-13 4.40.42 PM

Thumbnails by me too

Screenshot 2024-04-13 4.09.26 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-12 9.16.01 PM