I need a thumbnail for my map

I need a thumbnail for my Super Smash Gims map. Any entries will be considered.
Feedback would also be good. :slight_smile:

ok. any specific things you want?

Gims fighting, but everything else is up to you!

ok. I will be back at somepoint

:skull:somepoint later :skull: .

please remove this
can be considered advertising

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Its not advertising. I’m just telling people how to get to the map so that I can have feedback.


asking people to play it can be advertising and is not allowed

you like it? I can add stuff if needed

I will help, I haven’t played your game so idk what to put in it. What is it that you’d like?

@Foxy is right its not allowed and it is advertising

Its not advertising I don’t care about playes!!!
I just want people to know what the map is like so it has a good thumbnail. :sweat:

it ok but it counts as advertising and it could get you flagged or banned I would remove that reply

Oh fiddlestickes I dont wanna get baned. Okee :frowning:

Fill this format out so I can make you a thumbnail:

  • what gim(s) do you want [any gims]
  • what theme [forest]
  • anything extra [yes ]
  • please specify the extra things [snowball launchers, user’s name ]

Any gims
maybe like a forest
snowball launchers
my name
also thank you :slight_smile:

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I really like it! I will l wait for other people 2 submit though!

Also, would you like the gims traced [recommended]
Or google slides

Here is what I have:

[gims and snowball launchers are traced]
Sorry I couldn’t make it better, I am multitasking right now.
Tell me if you want the game name on the thumbnail or not

Don’t remove my watermark >:(