I need a thumbnail for my game

So, I’m making a game where you are trying to get smarter and smarter, and if you’re smart enough, you can go to school, get a job, go to college, navigate around the city, etc.

So I need Thumbnail for it, and you can add it to the requests thingy.

Thanks! :partying_face:

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i got you give me a bit, whats the name of the game

:books: SMART SIMULATOR is the name of my game…
Don’t copy it…

ok ill make you a thumbnail

i have an idea yk that image where blue dots fly out of a person’s head but make the person a gim character

Okay, but just know if I don’t like it, then you’ll have to make another one or start tweaking…



Sure, I’ll add it to the request thingy.

@California_Love I’ll make one. Also, if padlet isn’t blocked for you, @BananaBunny made a padlet for thumbnails. The link is… This: https://padlet.com/BananaBunny/gimkit-thumbnail-padlet-fj2nw8l9tabt1am5


Ill make u one 2, but as Blizzy said, if padlet isn’t blocked, pls use that code. Ty!


I’ll make a thumbnail too, but I don’t have time right now


Same! :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshot 2024-03-20 2.49.10 PM




yooo! that’s a good thumbnail @Blizzy!! I can add finishing touches to it if you want. (I wont take credit for it if I add finishing touches.)

Thats. So. CREATIVE/COOL!!! WOWWWW!!! It’s like a perfesionatl add! (In an good way)

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What would you add if you were to add stuff? And sure, if you want.

@Morepeko8 You mean Professional right? :sweat_smile: Don’t worry I spell it wrong all the time too

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nope. She meant Perfesionatl


I suggest you have other characters than the echo agents. I also think you should add teachers to the college and school pictures. other than that, it looks great!

@FNaFguyLP did you publish the stranded game?
(sorry this is off topic)