I need a thumbnail for a ww2 normandy beach invasion game (d-day)

the axis team is vortex agents and the allies are the echo agents, Gianna Wanna is the general, and I will send some ss of the gamess
Screenshot 2024-05-24 2.13.43 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-24 2.12.55 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-24 2.12.44 PM

change this to art and thumbnail request, that will help out.


i changed it thanks for telling me (I forgot I could do that)

uhhhhhhh i don’t think this is allowed like it needs to be appropriate for 6-year-olds and b0mbs (and i don’t think world war 2 is either) aren’t so uh

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Yeah, D-Day was not a funny matter. We may have to report this post if it is not deleted.

there are a whole bunch of games with that stuff in it too so

Can you name them?

yeah those games are gonna get reported

and just because you see others doing it doesn’t mean doing it is okay

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2 wrongs don’t make a right.

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I am sorry that I gave him a cover I am going to delete it

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inappropriate please stop before you get flagged

it’s fine, as long as everyone knows you just realized what you did it should be fine

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it flow over my head

bro i have been working on this game for literally so long and If the devs of gimkit didn’t want a ww2 game to be made they wouldn’t have let people make tank tutorials, or add weapons that can eliminate people, and they wouldn’t have let people make thumbnails for the fortnite knockoffs because that’s all I’m asking for, a thumbnail like the fortnite ones just with specific skins and a d-day tag. Theres nothing inappropriate with my game and I can show more ss if you want

ok i will do thumbnail

ok thank you!

k thanks

when u doing it

sorry my school just got done with an event

SPooky, all father do a flip and get it done quicke you orange fire hair man