I need a thumbnail for a creature game

I have a picture of the name and everything but I cant use it because it can’t turn into jpg file

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can I help?

I have a couple things I need you to do before you say yes.
I don’t like making a thumbnail for no reason so… I ask you to look at the bottom of my bio to see my previous works

and also could you give me some information like
what gims you want
and other information

Yes and same gims and same kind of background and same title

I’m not going to do exactly what you did.
I normally draw my thumbnails.
Is that ok?

Sure that is fine i just need it to be jpg

you know you can convert it, right?
I usually use Image converter to JPG to convert my images.

Oh i can but I do it at school so it might be blocked

I tried it and it worked so if you are working on somethign else I am good now so thank you

It depends if you want me to do mine still. Its all your choice.

No I know you have others to work on so I can free you up from me because I looked at the posts

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