I need a thumbnail for a cops and robbers game

@Jobozo1875 pinged you so u can make it
I want the robber running from the cops with cash from the gimkit icon
and the background like a street with stores and 1 bank

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Yeah I can do that! Give me a second!

Hmm cops vs robbers that sounds awfully similar to- Oh sorry!

What gims do you want in it?

Robber: the unreleased racoon
Cop: idk somthing related

I think the raccoon would be a good gim but I would need the file for it to move the legs and I don’t know if I could get it. Sorry. Let me check on the wiki. Any substitutes?

ohh dang ok

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Wait! I think I can work with it!

ok TYSM and good luck

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@M13TheCreator I can make the thumbnail, I was in your most recent thumbnail request for find the button, so I can make your thumbnail.

umm sure give it a shot but I don’t think u can beat @Jobozo1875
(make sure its done by 10:00)

Yeah, I probably can’t beat @Jobozo1875, but I can try! Oh, nvm I can´t finish it by 10:00.

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Wait in the morning or evening?


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Work in progress!

ohh wow good job!!!

Ehhh its a work in progress…

dang thats a good job what time you’ll be done?

Hopefully 9:00 CT but… we’ll see
Also I got the gim! (I wish I could make the legs longer)


(budget :heart: I hate running out of likes)


:heart: I can relate