I need a thumbnail for a castle maze escape game

alright. you’re welcome.

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Can I make one?

btw you can do votes here too if you want- might be easier

Give me details and i will make you one

Woah! That looks awesome, cheese box! I had no idea you did thumbnails.

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but wouldnt that be considered off topic and yes you can make me one

well its a castle maze escape with sentrys in it
edit: is that good
Edit: im gussing that means thats good

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what do you want it to look like

well i want it to have a castle
kinda like a kinkdom
but also its kinda dagerous cause things sho0t at you

I’m currently in highschool and plan on going to college for and getting a career in graphic design, but sometimes I make quick thumbnails like that to help out map makers.

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i will never make thumbnails ever again cus i stink

any way here you go

thats better than i can do but i dont think i will use this

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hey can you tell your thumbnail artist to put a banana by your name

No it’s not off-topic, since its for the thumbnail request itself.

no wouldnt doing a vote on the forums be flaged

It seems promising! I wish you good luck!

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Thank you!

Even though this thumbnail isn’t NEARLY as good as some of the other things I’ve made, I appreciate the compliments!

is that a hand drawn monster?

No, it’s a free asset that I edited to be pitch-black.

what do you use anyway?

Adobe Express. I usually use Pixlr, since it’s much better, but Adobe Express is allowed on my school computer, so I use it at school.