I need a thumbnail for a castle maze escape game

pls i really need one and i cant draw
and i have been waiting for thumbnails to be allowed agian

DO you want me to make one it might take a while though

thats fine i would like you to make one pls

Ok i will make you one then

I’ll try to make one… gotta find a background though

thanks i am so glad the made an art catigorie

what gims you want? need to know

I’ll just put random then

sry i was playing a game i would like
somthing posible like a knight or a king or a queen (or all)

it’s done
Screenshot 2024-05-16 9.45.06 AM

i mean its kinda good its not what i had in mind

I can try to make one but if you want a drawn one uhh I cant help since I’m on a laptop.

do you want like a paper one or something?

that could be good
sry its just if i tried to make one myself it would come out looking wonky

this is how I learned to make them How to make your own thumbnails!

i cant even follow a tutoril to draw somthing without it still looking wonky

past work

thats good :+1: their pretty cool

How is this?

wow i will probably use this i have 2 other people making me one right now i will wait for them to finish and then have a vote in the wix thanks