I need a thumbnail... Again

Before people say that I’m an artist, I know. I just have a specific style that I’m not able to do.

Game name: Escape The Lab

Gims: Idc just not default

Gim actions: Opening a door to a gim that looks like it was being experimented on

Setting: An operating room with lots of chemicals

Time: Night/fluorescent lights with an eerie glow

A platformer map made by I_Like_Props
Thumbnail by ____
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Look at @M1dnight 's thumbnails and @VoidFluffy 's thumbnails for inspiration

(my thumbnail rn is one I made in GK with props… so you know why I’m asking).
Deadlines probably like April 6 or 7


dang that’s a lot to ask for…

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so do you want it to be like inside of a lab room?

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I guess and you don’t have to add all of the things.

no, its abit to late
its late but I’ll get it done after tommorow is that good?

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Ah, ok. I don’t need it today, that’s fine.
i dont sleep

well tomorrow I Easter so I cant but after tomorrow I can make the TN

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Deadlines probably like April 6 or 7

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@I_Like_Props Could you please make a sketch of what you want the thumbnail to look like. I’m confused with your discription

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the little lumps are chemicals

I’ma try to do that!!

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any specific gims u want me to use

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No, just not the default.

ok, one more what BG u want?

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I made an escape room named Escape the Lab for my first game!!!

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i got this so fare let me know if u want anything else if not then ill just make the offical thing


it looks good, just maybe add more shading.

Mine’s a a platformer game!

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wanna tell me where u want the shading?

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just like above the bed, around the door, and when you add the title around the title.