I need a rizz box pvp on gimkit

so it will give you a random rizzline diff for each player then that rizz line gives you an advantage

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you’re creating a game that’s a PvP one but instead of fighting the player with weapons you just rizz them up?


no like you get a weapon with a rizz line like explosive rizz deal damage and take 2X health away like that

I mean, i don’t think there is one.

What you can do is make popups saying which rizz line to choose, but i don’t know the other stuff. I’ll go call the experts.

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What is a “rizz line”? What mechanic do you need help with?

That can be done with a damage boost.

For the random “rizz lines”, I would recommend Lifecycle → Relay (all) → trigger, and the trigger runs some RNG block code that gives each player a random “rizz line”.

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Search it up on google.

It’s a weird thing from Gen Alpha.

if you’re too lazy to search it up on google, it’s where people try to attract someone with a crazy line or something, idk


a rizz line is basically a pickup line. Example: are you a fan cause you blow me away (fan rizz)

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the word rizz has been said so many times on this topic i cant. :skull.:
anywho use popups to choose the rizz line, and wire those to a damage booster.

edit: you could use a randomizer for each pop-up so its random for each player.


Don’t know what you’re trying to make, but sounds interesting!


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Wait a minute?
Yours says 1/15

(back on topic)

So each player gets their own notification they can send to other people that then gives you a status effect like double speed or something

I would combine a chat thing (look it up in the forum) with whatever status effect you want.

off topic but yeah but dont be off topuc you can get flagged

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off topic but im gen z but now back on topic

It’s a popular map format in fortnite where several players are in an enclosed area and have to fight, but each player has a diffrent perk. Most maps have perks themed around something, in this case “rizz” perks.


Just for future reference, it’s @cheesebox not @cheesebocks lol.


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will it be called rizz box pvp