I need a New thumbnail

Before ANY of you guys say “this is the fifth post I seen today” please don’t say that as it can be hard to find any thumbnails if I just see replays like that, or just use @Foxy guide for thumbnails, I know that guide is there.

Welcome my eggs,

so I need the thumbnail

preferably hand drawn because thoese ones are the best
(not saying the photoshop ones aren’t, I just like the hand drawn)

Anyway, so I would like the thumbnail to be two gims (you can choose any gim)
and there just colliding into each other and where they hit there can be an effect like this :boom:

you can put your credits.

thank you and have a eggtastic day!

if this post turns into one of those arguments, I might I have close it, because I like peace

yeah it needs replying again

remake thumbnail wiki so we can reply?
  • yes
  • no
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Yes, but maybe copy all the stuff from the og post idk…
@MrEgg I’ll start it now.

I like something fresh, somthing unique you know?

copying something from an old guide just makes it feel, not that great.

I’m making the old one for just tips
my plan is to make the new one easier to use

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I kept having to restore the format from people editing everywhere

Well I meant the requests and artists part, but if foxy is doing one just for tips, it’s not needed.

the old one will be tips since we can’t reply
the new one will be requests
I’m making it so it can be easier to navigate
I’m resetting the requests but keeping the artists
if you were already one you will stay

Ah okay. Thanks for clearing that up. I swear, sometimes I can barely read…

I typed wrong you replied before I edited it

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other was supposed to be old

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@MrEgg What kind of background do you want the gims to be on?

like some gym floors.

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Wait, so the requests that were originally there aren’t going to be in the new guide? I said I would do some of them, so should I still make them or not?

I reset it due to most users not following up if they still need it they can add it again

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do you have a date to when your gonna finish the thumbnail guide? @Foxy

it’s posted but
it just got flagged

It makes it too complicated and lengthy.

@MrEgg I’m not good with hand-drawn ones. Is it ok if I do one with Google Slides? Examples:

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Prototype @MrEgg?