I need a new thumbnail for my map and a name for the boss

Hi I need a thumbnail for my new map. I would like something with the boardwalk as the background. Thanks to everyone who helps!

you need more details about what’s going on in it and what gims as well as a game name

Ok. The name of the map is Boardwalk Agency, and some gims I would want to include are Detective Baka and the axolotl. You are basically fighting sentries and helping the boardwalk agency defeat the boss. (I don’t have a name for the boss yet)

can I try please? I’m pretty decent for someone like me…

Of course! I’ll take something from anyone at any skill level. I don’t care if it is hand drawn or made online either. I’ll also take name ideas for the boss.

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Also my profile picture is of part of the map if you need a glimpse at it. :slight_smile:
Otherwise, to see the map and play it you will have to go on discovery and play it there.
Note: the picture is horrible. It is a cropped AI image of the top of a cat’s head with forest behind it.

I’ll try to make it

boss name: Dr malevolent

What does the boss look like, do you want the background to be boardwalk, and is there anything else to add?

I was thinking of making the boss a witch but if you have other suggestions I can consider those too, and yes I want the background to be boardwalk and the command table appears a lot.

Just to verify (I want to make the best thumbnail possible!) You want the background to be boardwalk like the place? Or do you want boardwalk like the terrain?

Boardwalk like the terrain

Here’s my thumbnail!

I hope you like it!

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Wow! I love it. I really like the eyebrows.

I put it as the thumbnail.

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Great! Don’t forget to mark a solution!

I’m honored!


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