I need a new thumbnail for my game "Rich Robbery"

It’s about a game where you rob a bank with a mustache guy named Leo. (I didn’t have any other ideas for the name lol)
The thumbnail can include:
A vault
Echo Guards chasing player
Or Leo and the player entering the bank

I’ll get to it…

it does need a little more info tho

Welcome to the forums!
The forum is not all about thumbnail requests though…

ok, ill add some more info!

Not really. A stache Gim would be great for the mustache guy robbing the bank.

thanks! i also put what the thumbnail can include.

i do realize that. thanks for the greeting tho! :slight_smile:

do you still need one?

This one was fun to do!

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Screenshot 2024-05-15 9.54.44 AM

thanks so much! im gonna wait a few days to see other replies tho.

nice job! but im gonna wait some time for other thumbnails too.

I understand! There are a lot better artists then me!

the thing is yours kinda look better since you can make arms

ok, since i haven’t gotten any other thumbnail in a while ill use yours! thanks so much for it

No problem! I’d keep this post up, since there are better artists then me.

So… How about making another thumbnail?
ill try to make it!


This is my first thumbnail, hope you guys will like it!