I need a name for a new boss

I need a name for a boss in my map. ( Please only suggest female names for Raveena.)

Witch of The West?

I have no idea lol.

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Why are there

these? In the names?

Um because people usually do that in game names

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Maybe The Warty One?

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Uh thank you i guess


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Just a quick suggestion, take a look at the map called boardwalk agency by Robin. I’m making a sequel to that map. ( Please note that it isn’t complete yet.)

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She’s also asking for names for a boss.

what’s the game about ':|\

The first or the sequel?

Pointy-nosed Witch?

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How was the fall :skull:
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Can we just focus on coming up with names for Raveena?

Ye wat about Cassandra?

or Cordelia

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Hecate? the first witch in mythology (no didn’t look it up I just study A LOT of mythology)