I need a name for a boss in my Gimkit!

I need some recommendations for my boss in my Gimkit! I am really stumped on names so I need some help here.

what type of game is it?

An escape game and it has 5 rooms and you gotta escape a graveyard

Chaos King

Oo Darknesss mage sounds cool. I would of never think of that

What is your boss? A skeleton?

  1. Gravekeeper Gideon
  2. Tombstone Titan
  3. Cryptic Crawler
  4. Reaper Rendell
  5. Spirit Stalker

its a mummy mummy in a graveyard

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Now I need one more for the first boss introduced in the game.

Ozgera, the scourge of the grave.

  1. The Crimson Raven
  2. The silent one
  3. The ripped monster
  4. Ozi
  1. Lord of the Shadows
  2. Darkness, The Incarnation
  3. Destruction, The Immortal
  4. The One Who Walks in Shadow
  5. Kyouki, Insanity.
  6. Munjin, From Beyond the Void.
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Perfect. the first one is an amazing name. Thanks.

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