I need a list of devices that can make sound effects

I’m making jumpscares, so I need some sound effects.

From the top of my head, I believe that the Button, Questioner, and Vending Machine can make some form of sound under the correct conditions. I don’t know if that would help with any jumpscares though…


weapons being fired make noise…

I’m doing that with the Veil Project games. I’m not sure about sound, though.

GC should add a sound effect device.

I think there is already one… just waiting for it to be released.

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It would have just been easier to have a sound effects device, maybe it also could play songs, but no luck as of yet.

ok lemme see

  • Trigger
  • Sentry dead
  • Reload Weapon
  • Sentry Fire
  • Damage boost
  • Speed Boost
  • Player damaged
  • Vending machine purchased
  • Item granted
  • Question correct
  • Question incorrect
  • Blastball in goal
  • Checkpoint reached
  • Flag in goal
  • health granted
  • Crafting table maybe
  • getting tagged? idk
  • laser activate/deactivate i think
  • I think item spawner might have a sound

I haven’t tested non bolded ones yet, they just seem like devices that would make sound.

use damage boost. If lasers make noise, they would be good too.

Also the vending machine has a sound option, so you get a few sounds from there I think.
unless the standard is the only one…

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Note that some of those can’t be used in platformer.


Blastball and flag I think.

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actually I checked and blastball doesn’t make a sound… really surprising…


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