I need a high detailed and good thumbnail for my map

the map is about a son that tries to save his dad from the basement finding multiple keys until he gets to the gold key

wanna give me more details like what Gim what background where its at

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probably the son would be at the basement

with a key in his hand

I wish I was that way towards my dad

would this be a good basment?
740+ Cartoon Of A Basement Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free ...

yeah sure!! ty btw


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what gims u want for the son?
and what color key u want the son to hold

chompers y and gold probably

it looks like a image backdrop, try and smooth the coolers and texture of the gim to make it look like it is one image with the background.

I can make one for you once I finish ClicClac’s GK8 one.

It looks really photoshopped, maybe make the Gim more hazy to match the background.

it was the best BG I found and it was small so it looks so pixelated :sob:

yeah thats what i mean by smooth, but all the thumbnails look like that which is why i have yet to even request one.

Please edit out your personal info from that image.

try a pixel art app and recolor the gim to a paler format. it will match the background more.

yea ig i will :man_shrugging:

its blocked for meso I cant

why does cello have haiasi’s pfp? is this how cello plans to show if cello or haiasi is on the account?

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have your tried this one?