I need a GimKit gim template

I need a jumping gim template. Anyone got it? Like this one below:
Screenshot 2024-02-23 2.17.48 PM

you could take the image from dld of those gims jumping

no like what image I put above
not like the jumping animation

how about in gimkit pixel art? because gimno0b could no doubt make a really good one.

sure, but how do I ask?

Just ping em’ I guess?

@GimNo0b could you make a gimkit template for seven seas when you have the time? like a jumping gim but a little different backround and type of gim.

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yea like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-23 2.22.49 PM
normal gim skin tho
not blueprint

is there like a spcifice charactor you want?


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no not really, just the normal one

How bout this

I’ll make one for you!

do you want the back ground gone becuase you could use this site for that remove.bg

How about this?

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I can make that for you!
itll take me a bit tho

@Seven_Seas its not the best, but i hope it helps you somewhat


Does this work for you?

Im gonna whip one rq in photoshop :slight_smile:

Could you give a clearer picture of this?