I need a game idea Does anyone have one?

I am really bored.
Does anyone have any gimkit ideas?

Tag but when the person who is tagged becomes the tagger

You mean like a real game of tag.


Why did you write that? :top:

Dodgeball adsf;ljas;ldkfjas

Because of the “Post has to have more than 20 characters” thing.

whats up?

see, not true

Why does it work for you?

A festive Christmas (or alternate winter-themed holiday) game - for no reason in particular.
And we know there are other ways of going around the character limit - everybody has their own preferences :]


if it’s not 20 characters just press enter and add asterisk (they become invisible)

Do You Knows How To Use Less Than 20 Characters?

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  • No

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Who said no



your welcome

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