I need a bit more help

Basically, making a Fortnite map, and all I need is that when a player with a medallion or legendary weapon gets eliminated, it just transfers to the person who knocked them out. If anyone can come up with a formula, I will greatly appreciate it! Thanks to those who help or try!

just go into map settings and change them around cause in one of the map setting it will ask if you want to turn on gadet drop or whatever if you check that then it will drop them on dedth

here are some pictures
Gimkit 2

That would be to let them drop the item when they’re still alive.
To answer your question, @Txme_Lxss, make an Inventory Item Manager with a scope to Player, then ‘set property’ to true, while you are still in the IIM settings.
Screenshot 2024-04-19 7.51.20 AM

You have to make one for every item you use. Next, attach an Item Granter to each of the IIMs. Copy this code in blocks → On wire pulse

Screenshot 2024-04-19 7.50.21 AM
That’s a typo. it’s “If Property ‘Your weapon’ <1”

Wire the IIM to the Item Granter. Repeat for the other weapons.
If it’s okay, I’m going to make a guide for this.

Hope this helps! If you need more elaboration, let me know.


he’s gonna need a lot of inventory item managers… cuz he said all legendary gadgets…


could this work with ammo shards too? like multiple? If so, that’s great. I will only need to use 15 IIM. Problem, that’s a lot of memory. 8%.

I’ll use it but if you can develop a more memory efficient system, that’ll be great if you want to!

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Could! You could use it, just change the item!

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Ok, I’m gonna work on this now.

(Yay, 5% memory on just this feature lol. My map will be finished hopefully soon.)

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can you make the steps a bit more clear? kinda confused. If I’m fine, then I’ll tell you after.

edit: I’ll make another help topic, I’ll still mark you as solution since you helped the most though, thanks!

(Because this still doesn’t solve my problem, I’m looking at the code, but it can only grant a single item, and not multiple. (in quantities of the item)

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