I made the coral cruiser in Gimkit!

[this isnt a guide but i had to make a category] i will make a guide later but currently I just want to know if I should fix anything on it
Screenshot 2024-04-12 10.51.27 PM


What is a coral cruiser?


yeah that is cool but what do you mean by “coral cruiser”?

Its probably a boat made out of coral they are just not done yet.

coral cruiser

Nice except perhaps make a category to put your coral cruiser in because a guide just on making a coral cruiser might be kinda empty.

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can i eat it

If you’re gonna make a guide on this I’d recommand putting in someone’s wiki.

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Like this one:

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umm… wait what? I mean that is just kind of weird, Coolcaden26… why would you want to eat it? Also how could you eat it?

I’m just saying it looks tasty :stuck_out_tongue:

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